New leadership takes over in Delmar

New leadership takes over in Delmar
Photo by Tony Russo

NOTE: The town of Delmar corrected its vote tally, and this story has been updated to reflect those numbers. Corey Shaffer got more votes than originally reported.

Incumbent Mayor Karen Wells is out after Tuesday's election in Delmar, Maryland, defeated by challenger Benjamin Jorden 126-76.

Jorden was part of a slate of candidates running together and planning to cooperate on priorities in the town. Jacob Boothe and Corey Shaffer, his informal running mates, also won seats on the town Commission.

The two new commissioners join two others on the Commission, but have a tiebreaking vote in Jorden if they vote together.

Boothe got 143 votes and Shaffer 137. Candidate Faith Higbee got 87 votes.

Wells faced political backlash after the slaying of town officer Keith Heacook, and amid related contention over the formation of a police union in Delmar.

For more on that, read our previous articles on the issues at stake.

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Tony Russo contributed to this report.

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