Greenwood Council appoints new member to replace outgoing vice mayor

Greenwood Council appoints new member to replace outgoing vice mayor
Mayor Donald Donovan, left, swears in Dee Jones, right, at the Wednesday, May 11 Town Council meeting. 

The Greenwood Town Council refilled its ranks on Wednesday after former Vice Mayor Willard Russell stepped down because he was moving out of town.

The Council appointed Durene "Dee" Jones, who had been serving on the Planning and Zoning Commission, to fill the spot on Wednesday.

Councilman Norman Reed was voted in as the new vice mayor.

Russell just won reelection to a two-year term in January, so Jones' appointment is for almost the entire term.

Also at Wednesday's meeting, the Council voted unanimously to deny a request to rezone a couple of properties to allow for an elder care business.

The Planning and Zoning Commission had unanimously recommended denial, saying the request would allow for higher density homes in the residential area, like apartments and townhouses, and would create “spot zoning” that was out of character with the neighborhood. The Council voted against it for the same reasons.

Jones recused herself from Wednesday's vote, as she had been on the Planning and Zoning Commission when it made the recommendation.

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