Harrington city manager steps down

Harrington city manager steps down
Former Harrington City Manager Daniel Tartt, second from left, is pictured in 2016 after being named tree farmer of the year. Also pictured are Kent County forester Chris Miller, left, then-State Rep. Bobby Outten (R-30), and Dot Abbott, Delaware state tree farm director. Photo courtesy of the state of Delaware.

About a year and a half after taking his post during a stormy time for Harrington government, City Manager Daniel Tartt has resigned.

Tartt, reached by phone, said he's excited about what's next, but couldn't discuss it yet. He also stressed that his resignation was not over any ethical issues and was instead a mutual parting of the ways with the city.

Mayor Duane Bivans confirmed that. He said Tartt approached the council to let them know he was resigning.  

Police Chief Norman Barlow is serving as the acting city manager for now.

Tartt was hired in May 2020, shortly after the city fired former City Manager Don Williams. That was part of a broader upheaval in city government that started the previous year when planner Jeremy Rothwell was fired on June 19, 2019, as documented in various media reports and town meeting minutes. Rothwell then made allegations of wrongdoing against Williams and Mayor Anthony Moyer. Williams was fired at the beginning of 2020 and Moyer stepped down in the summer. Former city council member and Vice Mayor Duane Bivans then took the helm as mayor in August.

Williams has since sued Harrington over his firing.

Tartt wears many hats in the community. In 2016, he was named tree farmer of the year in Delaware by the Delaware Forestry Association for his 46-acre tree farm near Harrington. He's also a licensed Realtor.

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