How you can power local news

How you can power local news

How does the Independent get the money to cover local news in southern Delaware?

We depend on readers who have signed up for paid subscriptions.

Producing quality news takes time and money. Fortunately, every community has people who care about where they live and are curious about what’s happening there. If enough of those people chip in a small amount each month, it can power journalism that focuses on local stories.

We need you. If you enjoy reading the Independent and value the local news we report, please consider joining the team today as a paying member. For only $5 a month, you can play a key role in the future of local news where you live – and maybe help inspire a grassroots news movement in other places too.

We think that’s $5 well spent, and we hope you do too. Here’s how to sign up.  

We offer some stories free and many to registered users or paid subscribers only. Our goal is not to reach the whole internet with our stories or amass clicks, but to build a base of local subscribers who value our work. We’d welcome your support via a paid subscription.

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Why we exist
The story of local newspapers has read like an obituary over the past few decades. Profits plummet. Print editions get thinner and thinner. Offices cut staff, making delivery and customer service frustrating and unreliable. What’s left, eventually, are “ghost papers” with few or no local staff, fill…
Who we are
The Delaware Independent is a new local news site for southern Delaware. Our goal is to provide this part of the state with quality, independent journalism, supported by readers and delivered via email newsletter. We want to fill a void in southern Delaware caused by the alarming collapse of local