Phillis Wheatley School: The story behind the name
The sign with letters in Woodbridge blue and white welcomes students each morning: Phillis Wheatley Elementary School. There’s quite a story behind the name on that sign off of Church Street in Bridgeville. Of course, it’s the name of a groundbreaking Black woman who earned renown for her
Surfing the Gray Wave - Delaware Beach Life
Delaware Beach Life is the only full-color glossy magazine focused on coastal Delaware’s culture and lifestyle. With style, humor and local insight in its stories, profiles and regular departments, Delaware Beach Life has become THE magazine for those who love coastal Delaware.
Meet the Family Behind the Woodland Ferry in Delaware
The Cannon family launched a ferry service on the Nanticoke River in the 1740s that survives—and thrives—to this day.
Georgetown Oyster Eat: The world’s weirdest bluegrass concert?
Their stage is a wooden wagon with straw bales piled around it, and their audience spends the concert in shouted conversation, while drinking beer and shoveling down oysters. Dean Sapp and the Harford Express have 21 albums to their name and take their bluegrass music up and down the East
Why language use divides us — and how it can help close those gaps - Delaware Business Now
AdvertisementThese stories were produced for the Delaware Journalism Collaborative by Andrew Sharp and Risha Inaganti. Andrew has worked as an editor and reporter for news outlets around the Delmarva Peninsula and is […]


On the Job with Oliver Yao: New Lerner Dean Is Focused on the Promise of FinTech
Oliver Yao, the new dean of the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics, wants the college to be at the center of the financial technology revolution.
What’s the future of Seaford’s decaying Nylon Capital Shopping Center?
The sign advertises a shopping center, but the shabby buildings don’t appear to be a center for much and there’s little shopping going on. The Nylon Capital Shopping Center in Seaford used to be a community gathering place, but drive past it now on Route 20 on the
Willey Knives: The small-town knife shop with national reach
It would be possible to stumble across Willey Knives accidentally, but it’s not very likely. Every day, lines of cars flow by not far away, from hordes of tourists heading to the beach on Route 16 to clumps of tractor-trailers and commuters riding each other’s bumpers up and


Meet 5 mentors at Ohio State
As Sherée Greco, Chad Zipfel, Dan Thomas, Monica Giusti and Kentaro Fujita show, faculty and staff feed students’ curiosity, challenge and nurture them.
Just a hand up: Evelyn Wilson’s relentless service
Some people move around to try to find a better neighborhood. Evelyn Wilson stays where she is and tries to make her neighborhood better. Wilson is a bit of a legend in the small Coverdale Crossroads community tucked away off Route 404 east of Bridgeville. She serves as a community
This Delaware Native Oversees a $10 Billion Telescope at NASA
A Sussex County native’s fascination with space took her to NASA, where she’s advancing the field of science with a $10 billion telescope.
‘She always stood up for what she believed in’: Remembering Sharon McDowell
Bridgeville’s Sharon McDowell stood up for her family and her neighbors. Those who loved her say she had a heart for people, fought for underdogs and threw herself into community work. McDowell, a wife, mother, business owner, former Bridgeville commissioner, fire company volunteer and more, die…


Club baseball dreams - Spring 2023 | Denison Magazine
They built it, and the players came

"On the shoulders of a legacy" — a history of Ohio State football through its head coaches, written as a new guy called Urban Meyer took the helm.

Ohio State Alumni Magazine - OLD September/October 2012 Page 2

On the shoulders of a legacy


How to survive the next snow bomb cyclone
It’s hard to find words for the carnage we just endured. Many snowflakes fell. It was also very cold.

Q & A

‘Lost & Found’: Kathryn Schulz talks about her memoir and upcoming visit to Lewes
A Pulitzer-prize winning Delmarva writer will be at Lewes Public Library in June to talk about her new memoir, “Lost & Found.” Kathryn Schulz [https://www.kathrynschulz.com/] is a writer for the New Yorker. In addition to “Lost & Found,” she is the author of “Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin


This food lab does things a little differently
Ohio State’s Food Perception and Liking Laboratory shows that where you eat your food has a big impact on how you think it tastes.
Lerner Prof Dustin Sleesman’s Research Focuses on Gender Pay Gap
Sleesman’s research finds that while pay transparency can help shrink the gender pay gap, some of that information can be counterproductive.
What’s in your carpet? You sure about that?
Carpet. It feels great on your feet, but do you know what’s hiding in all those fibers? This researcher is taking a look and finding some disturbing things.


Solution or hazard? What to know about biogas plants proposed for southern Delaware
What’s all the fuss about biogas? Two companies want to build facilities that would harvest natural gas from chicken waste to southern Delaware. CleanBay Renewables [https://cleanbayrenewables.com/] aims to build a plant south of Georgetown, and Bioengergy Devco [https://bioenergydevco.com/bioene…
Bad weather? Bad wine.
Making a fine wine depends on a lot of variables going right. Our researchers take a look at the recent weather and what it means for vintners.


Apollo 11 space mission: How we reacted to one of the biggest news stories ever
What is there to say when humans set foot on the moon for the first time? Here’s how the News Journal and readers reacted.
The day Greenwood blew up
Dec. 2, 1903 was an unpleasant day to be riding a train on the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore rail line. As Engine 5160, pulling 50 freight cars, rolled into Greenwood that day around 12:15 p.m., engineer William Shepherd was likely looking forward to a chance to take a
The History of the Bride and Groom Cypress Trees in Lewes
A tale of lost love grows with Lewes’ landmark bride and groom cypress trees, which are estimated to date back to the early 1800s.
Why a local development is named for murderer Patty Cannon
Patty Cannon got the bad end coming to her, the stories say: She died in jail after poisoning herself to avoid getting hanged. She also got a housing development named after her. Nestled along the Nanticoke River near Woodland Ferry, west of Laurel and Seaford, is a quiet community that


Surveying Southern Delaware news with Delaware Independent
Delaware Public Media’s partnership with Delaware Independent gives us a chance to help highlight more stories in Southern Delaware.Delaware Independent is a website and email newsletter offering a combination of in-depth and hyper-local coverage of Southern Delaware.We feature some of their stories…
A dispute over burying the hatchet: Return Day caught up in growing polarization
Delaware Public Media is part of the recently launched Delaware Journalism Collaborative, a partnership of local news and community organizations working to bridge divides statewide.This week with Election Day looming Tuesday– the collaborative offers its first piece diving into polarization in the First State. And its start in a somewhat unexpected place.Delaware prides itself on a unique post-election tradition known as Return Day. The event - held 2 days after the election - brings together election foes in Georgetown and ends with a literal burying of the hatchet in a box of sand.But the tradition is in danger of being swept up – at least in part – in the polarization that has become commonplace in our nation’s discourse.Contributor Andrew Sharp delves into what’s threatening Return Day and what it may reveal about polarization in Delaware in this inaugural Delaware Journalism Collaborative story.